When people mention the word CEO, big paydays and bonuses usually come to mind, but that’s not the case with Japan Airlines boss Haruka Nishimatsu. Simply put, he “knocked down his office walls so anyone can walk in [and] buys his suits at a discount store, because a boss who wears Armani puts himself at arm’s length from his people.” Continue reading for the news report and story.


The person in charge here walks the walk. Look up, and there’s the boss. Got an idea? Catch him at lunch in the company cafeteria. His salary for running the worlds 10th largest airline: not millions, but one year as low as $90,000. When he was forced to cut salaries for everyone else, he also cut his own.

“My wife said, ‘what?'” he said through a translator. To him, a leader shares the economic pain. “I feel close to him,” said flight attendant Akiko Isobe. “It’s encouraging.” These days all airlines are struggling. Even at reliably profitable Southwest, its time to tighten belts.


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