When is Boba Fett not just a bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe? When a geeky fan decides to create a lady knight version of him. Here’s one thing you may not have known: In Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, it is revealed that Boba is an unaltered child clone that Jango raises as his “son”. Continue reading for more.

Boba Fett stems from initial design concepts for Darth Vader, who was originally conceived as a rogue bounty hunter. While Vader became less a mercenary and more of a dark knight, the bounty hunter concept remained, and Fett became “an equally villainous” but “less conspicuous” character.

Concept artist Ralph McQuarrie influenced Fett’s design, which was finalized by and is credited to Joe Johnston. Fett’s armor was originally designed for “super troopers”, and was adapted for Fett as the script developed. Screen-tested in all-white, Fett’s armor eventually garnered a subdued color scheme intended to visually place him between white-armored “rank-and-file” Imperial stormtroopers and Vader, who wears black.

This color scheme had the added bonus of conveying the “gray morality” of his character. The character’s armor was designed to appear to have been scavenged from multiple sources, and it is adorned with trophies. A description of the character’s armor in the summer 1979 Bantha Tracks newsletter catalyzed “rampant speculation” about the character’s mysterious origin.

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