There’s lazy, and then there’s ultra lazy. These geeks show you what it truly means to be ultra lazy. For example, instead of risking getting his fingers dirty and / or losing a life in whatever game he may be playing, the plate on chest while lazing on the couch method was employed. Continue reading to see more.

7. Blanket

If you’re too lazy to get the blanket off the floor, one thing you shouldn’t do is pull your pants way up above your stomach. Aside from the fact that your shoulders and chest are still left uncovered, it leaves you highly immobile should an emergency arise.

6. Super Straw

Many of us have probably built a super straw in our lifetimes, but not on the scale you see above. Though the cup looks small enough to actually pick up off the ground and sip comfortably, this person decided to take the ultra lazy route.

5. All-in-One Card Stamp

There are so many special occasions that occur during a year that it only seems logical to have one stamp that covers all of them, and this is the stamp for the job. Simply purchase a blank card, stamp it, check off the desired occasion, and you’re set.

4. Garbage Can

Unless your garbage disposal location is miles away, there is most certainly no reason to use your car to transport the container to the dump. Plus, if nothing else, the distance will add up on your monthly gasoline bill.

3. Office Chair

You know you’re an ultra lazy geek, when…you refuse to unbox your office chair and sit on the packaging instead. However, on the bright side, students won’t have to make an extra trek down to the garbage to dispose of the packaging.

2. Lost Remote

Losing the remote is nothing new or special, and most people just get up to change the channel or turn their television on, but this person decided to use a hockey stick for the tasks instead.

1. Walking the Dog

What’s not to like about getting some fresh, crisp air every morning or evening after a meal? Well, apparently, you’ll miss out on some valuable reading time, that is unless…you’re this guy.