You’ve seen some of the strangest Japanese gadgets, now check out seven high-tech gadgets you can’t buy just yet. If we happened to miss any, you’ll probably see it in our next installment. “Continue reading” for the list.

360-Degree Video Helmet

This high-tech device “will give its wearer a 360-degree panorama when watching TV or playing games.” .[Source 12]

Water-activated Batteries

Japanese inventor Susumu Suzuki has developed innovative water-activated batteries, “which have an electric current as powerful as that of a standard manganese dioxide battery.”

Suzuki says these batteries would be cheap to produce and can be recycled several times, making them an essential tool for the future

[via Reuters]

Remote-Controlled Humans

That’s right, Japanese researchers have developed a device that stimulates “the vestibular system with a small jolt of electricity delivered just behind the ear from a small external device, sending the normal vestibular signals out of whack.”

But the device doesn’t work as well as a remote-controlled car. A quick jolt to one side of the head makes people feel like they’re falling over, so they correct their balance by moving to one side or the other, creating a swaying type of walk


Toshiba Printer Erases and Reprints

According to Vnunet, Toshiba has developed a printer (B-SX8R) that can erase and reprint — up to 500 times — on a single sheet of paper.

Toshiba’s process uses a special pigment in the paper that reacts to heat. If heated above 180 degrees centigrade the pigment turns black, creating an image on the sheet. However, if the surface is heated to between 130 and 170 degrees the pigment reverts to white, allowing the image to be ‘erased’

EV-X7 Hybrid Bike

Axel Corporation’s EV-X7 is touted as the first “electric motorbike with a hybrid plug-in, electromagnetic-permanent magnet motor — is seven times more cost-efficient than scooters running on petrol.”

Motor housed inside the bike’s rear wheel. Range: as much as 180 kilometers on one charge. Battery can be charged at home. Full charge takes just a little over six hours. The vehicle can travel up to speeds of 150 kilometers per hour

Wall-Climbing “Spiderman” Robot

Japanese researchers have developed a four legged “Spiderman” robot — made from metal and rubber — that boasts suction cups on each leg, enabling it to climb up walls.

Though still in development stage very soon the military might use such units for surveillance and even combat. So the government has been lying to us! I totally called this back in ’47

[Source 12]

Instant-Aging Wine

Japanese inventor Hiroshi Tanaka claims to have developed a machine that can instantly age wine using an electrolysis process.

He pours the wine into a 70-pound container outfitted with an electrolysis chamber. A few-second electrical zap gives the wine a slight charge, which breaks up the water molecules and allows them to blend more completely with the alcohol. Voilà: Instantly-aged pinot noir, “smoother and more mellow than before,” Tanaka’s American partner, Edward Alexander, claims