Our editors have compiled a list of seven high-tech watches you can’t buy, or at least anytime soon. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. “Continue reading” for the entire list.

iPod Watch

Designed by Peter Burns, this iPod watch concept is envisioned “as a 10GB player with Bluetooth-enabled earphones.” Unfortunately, like most other concepts, availability and pricing are unknown.

The clean Apple-esque look of the watch is enhanced by the lack of wiring between player and earphones, and the whole design looks like a sleek, efficient method of dealing with the increasing risk of misplacing the unit as the iPod gets smaller and smaller

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Monaco V4 Concept Watch

Tag Heuer’s Monaco V4 is a concept watch that “uses belts instead of gears,” which creates a lot less friction than cogs driving one another.

To generate energy, a platinum ingot slides back and forth as you move your wrist. A series of 0.5-millimeter-wide belts transfers this energy to four spring-wound barrels. The barrels employ more belts (13 in all) to run a balance wheel that translates this energy


PC Watch

This 7-ounce watch boasts a 2.8-inch touchscreen LCD display, SD card slot, Bluetooth, GPS receiver, WiFi, USB and support for Linux or Windows CE operating systems.[Source]

Triple Watch Cell Phone

Here’s a first: a wrist watch that’s capable of transforming into a cell phone — designed by Manon Maneenawa.

“You can slide the unit out of the wristwatch band, and with a triple-flip technique, extend it to use it as a normal cell phone,” Maneenawa said. “As a wrist watch, it has a speaker phone button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving. Or the user can combine the Triple Watch with a Bluetooth headset and carry on a wireless conversation that way,” he said.


Backside Watch

The “Backside Watch” is an amusing piece designed by Open Concepts, its a watch that’s meant to be worn upside down.

“From one point of view this watch is not so comfortable for precise time measuring. If you put the watch on your hand and that brought you in good mood it means the life turned bright side to you!”



Want to keep track of time but hate wearing bulky watches? Check out Timeflex, this nifty self-gumming watch sticks to your skin/clothes and can be rolled up like paper when not in use. Based on flexible screen technology, you control the menu via touchscreen. It’s powered by ultra small batteries that are invisible to the naked eye.

High-Tech Army Wristwatch

Tadiran Communications has developed new video communication technology that delivers real-time images taken by helicopters on to a 3-inch LCD display This wristwatch-style receiver gives solidiers an aerial view of the battlefield with video beamed directly from drones at 30 frames per second.

“V-Rambo shortens the amount of time it takes to identify and strike a target,” he claimed. “Before it was minutes, 10 to 12 minutes. Now it’s a matter of seconds.”