Designed by Minister Horace Burgess, the world’s largest tree house spans six oak trees and uses them as the base to support all five stories, which together, stands 97-feet-high. Inside, you’ll find more than 80 rooms, including a sanctuary, which doubles as a small basketball court. There’s also a church, complete with bell tower, an antique church pew, a stained-glass window of Jesus, and a choir loft. Continue reading for more pictures and information

Burgess said the inspiration to build this treehouse came from a vision he received in 1993. This is what My Modern Met has to say:

He says, “I was praying to God and he said, ‘If you build me a treehouse, I will get you all the supplies.”

To develop the project, the minister spent $12,000 and used mostly recycled materials across the course of 14 years.

All of the wood is held together by exactly 258,000 nails, put into place by Burgess and a handful of volunteers.