That’s right, a 7-year-old child from London stumbled upon an eBay listing for an EX RAF 4 Harrier Jump Jet priced at $113,000 (Buy-It-Now) and just couldn’t pass on the deal — and really, who doesn’t want one? Unfortunately, he expected his parents to pay for it. Swiftly after the purchase, the “boy’s dad called up Jet Art Aviation Limited, the company who had placed the jet on eBay, and explained the situation.” Click here for more pictures. For those interested in viewing the original listing, you can check out Google’s cached page here. In related news, continue reading for a few Harrier videos.

The upside is that the seller cancelled without giving the man a hard time, and says that the boy actually helped them because the story brought more attention to the sale. The harrier can no longer fly, and according to some would take millions of pounds to return to flight capable.

[via MSNTechnabob]