These incredible pictures were not Photoshoped whatsoever, as the series was a project by photographer Sebastien Lebrigand. Simply put, he “set out this past summer to document airplanes as they flew past the sun and the moon.” The images were captured using a special astrograph telescope lens. Continue reading for more.

The French photographer documented the moon at night, but found the sun to be a huge challenge since it is almost impossible to look directly at the blinding light.

However, with great patience and dedication to the project, he was able to capture a handful of amazing, out-of-this-world images.

When speaking about the experience, Lebrigand said, “The plane is so fast, it crosses the sun in a quarter of a second, so there was no time to lose. I couldn’t move as I knew the plane was going to arrive very fast. Suddenly I was like ‘snap, snap!’ And bingo, I’d got it in the bag – it was magnificent.”

Bonus Video – Evacuate Earth