No, the $1350 price tag you see above isn’t for a top of the line 64GB iPhone 4S, but rather the 16GB base model. That’s right, “since the iPhone 4S will be available for sale in US, Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Japan and UK first, a couple of weeks ahead of the rest of the world, the Chinese dealers were keen to scoop up as many as they could and quickly ship them overseas to make a killing.” Video after the break. Click here for more pictures.

He [Hong Kong vendor Mr. Lo] has also imported a lot of 16GB models, since most of his customers are purchasing this model. He has two special customers, one paid HKD$860,000 (about $110,568) for 82 iPhone 4S, and the other one purchased 53 units of iPhone 4S.

[via MIC Gadget]