Acura NSX Andaro Paint
The 2019 Acura NSX can be had in various premium color paint jobs, with red, black, or white being standard. If you want orange pearl, silver metallic, or white pearl, it’ll cost you an additional $700, complete with an extra clear coat. At the very top of the premium colors is the $6,000 “Andaro” paint option in blue pearl and red pearl. Why is it so expensive? Well, it’s a “nano-particle aerospace innovation,” according to the automaker. Read more for a video and additional information.

“In creating its ‘Andaro’ red pearl paint, Acura initially sprays the supercar in red which more closely resembles a shade of salmon. The car then gets a tinted clear coat which is what creates the deep shade of red. Next, another layer of clear coat is sprayed on but this time, the robotic painting arms feature different nozzles which help to atomize the clear coat to give it an ultra-shiny finish,” reports Car Scoops.