AeYo Rollerblade Bicycle

Think of AeYO as a cross between bicycle, scooter and rollerblades. The German company claims this design combines the efficient and dynamic motion of inline skating with the convenience and safety of a bicycle. Featuring a handle bar, brakes levers and basket of a bicycle, but with a pair of skates attached to the steering column. Compatible with any regular shoe, riders strap their feet in and then use a skating-like motion to propel the vehicle forwards, keeping both legs moving. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Company representative Andreas Epstein says: “The combination of the upright position with the flexibility of the construction ensures a great workout for the whole body, be it legs, buttocks, arms and especially the core. AeYO skating translates into one continuous, upright motion. While you keep the overview, your body cells are supplied with oxygen. The upright position helps to avoid muscle cramps and releases tension, freeing your mind.”