AI Dungeon 2
Developed by Nick Walton, AI Dungeon 2 is based on an open-source text-generating algorithm created by OpenAI. The AI was trained by feeding it choose-your-own-adventure stories from the Choose Your Story website. Think of AI Dungeon 2 as a Zork-inspired text adventure game (TAG), but rather than limiting players to only going in specific directions, it responds to pretty much anything the player types. Read more for two videos and a link to the game.

AI Dungeon 2 is a first of its kind. [A] completely AI-generated text adventure that allows you to enter any action you can imagine,” said developer Nick Walton.

Players start by choosing the type of adventure they want to play, with genres including: mystery, apocalyptic, zombies, and fantasy. You’re recommended to start off with fantasy because it’s the most polished of the styles with the AI having being fed more stories of that type. You then select a character type and enter a name before AI takes over and generates descriptions of the setting. Play it here now.