NASA Kennedy Space Center AI SpaceFactory Lina Lunar Outpost Design
AI SpaceFactory gives us a first look at its designs for LINA, the first lunar outpost developed in partnership with NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) engineers and planetary scientists. LINA would be 3D-printed using original polymer, made with lunar regolith, and include Romanesque arches, which can withstand high compressive loads using minimal material.

The next phase will have both its material composite and mechanical extruder tested in a NASA vacuum chamber that simulates the environmental conditions on the Moon. What the team hopes to achieve are results that confirm a sustainable 3D printing system capable of constructing large structures on the Moon’s surface. If tests are successful, LINA will be constructed by autonomous robots on the south pole of the Moon near the Shackleton crater, where near continuous sunlight on the crater’s peaks could provide solar power, while perpetual shadow on the crater’s interior would allow astronauts to harvest water ice. Back here on Earth, we have ICON’s 3D-printed House Zero.

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Our Mars habitat prototype MARSHA proved that 3D printing with a polymer composite was a strong solution for habitation off-world. Developing LINA and printing in an environment that is void of atmospheric pressures or weather systems advances that technology through a new context, with new and more precise variables,” said David Malott, AI SpaceFactory CEO.

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