Photo credit: Pocket-lint

The Air Hogs R/C Hawkeye Helicopter is currently being offered at just $47.95 shipped, originally priced at $64.99. Unlike similar models, the Hawkeye is “capable of taking clear and steady video recording even while it is flying.” Product page. Continue reading for sample footage from this helicopter’s built-in camera.

3 Notable features:

  1. The camera can capture up to 5-minutes of video (320×240 pixels in full color) or it can take hundreds of photos (640×480).
  2. Its built-in “Steady-Fly” gyro technology and co-axial rotor design make the Hawk Eye very stable and easy to fly.
  3. The Hawk Eye also charges through your computer.The Hawk Eye comes with free access to a unique Air Hogs video editing platform located at airhogs website where you can personalize your video with sound affects, images and text.

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