Let’s face it, geeks and just about everyone, hates cleaning up. Well, if you’ve ever wondered what happens if you let the junk just accumulate over a period of months or years, these images should show things in a whole new light. Continue reading to see more.

5. The Kitchen

If your idea of a geek room is one filled with half-eaten / rotting food, random software / game boxes strewn around, and a giant power-hungry CRT monitor, then this one is just for you. Fortunately, the floor does appear to be covered with some cloth to prevent stains, or so we hope.

4. Beer Lover

There’s nothing like walking into a geek’s room and then ending up in the back room of a bar. This is exactly what will happen if you stumble into this living space, complete with walls of beer boxes, vintage lamp, and hundreds of empty cans.

3. Soda Palace

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with recycling, but when you’re using your room as a recycling bin, there’s a problem. Aside from the bottles, this room actually does slightly resemble something that most people live in, and there seems to be a fresh order of Chinese take-out to boot.

2. Underground Lair

So, you’re thirty, unemployed, and still living at home, but don’t want your friends to know that. Well, there’s always the option of creating a room beneath the basement, right by the home’s foundations, if you don’t want to be seen…ever.

1. Roomception

Having a dirty room is one thing, finding a photo of it online is another. This person appears to have discovered “roomception”, or his displayed on a monitor, within his own room. Let’s just say that this geek could definitely use an ash tray, along with the demolition of his room.

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