Hollywood Plane Scenes Interior
Talaat Captan, a writer and movie producer, was shooting scenes a a real airport for the movie “Ground Control” with Kiefer Sutherland back in 1998 and experienced great difficulty coordinating the logistics involved with filming with all of the foot traffic. So, this self described aviation enthusiast founded Air Hollywood shortly after filming wrapped. The goal was to have a studio where all types of aviation scenes can be produced in a film-friendly environment. They now have several complete aircraft interiors that can be quickly and easily reconfigured to not only provide a wide variety of interior looks, but also permit filming from any necessary angles. Read more for a tour.

Rather than just replicating particular types of aircraft exactly, they have three generic interiors. As you enter the building, you’ll be greeted with a scenery piece built to look like an actual jet bridge. Similar to how you would board an airliner, you walk down the ramp and turn a corner to see the entrance door of an aircraft. They even have a costume and properties departments, complete with racks that hold the selection of airline and airport employee uniforms stocked for rental, including flight attendant uniforms that span several decades.


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