Why play simulators and / or war games, when you’ve got the skills, supplies, and tools to build your own tank? That is exactly what these people have done, and quite well to say the least. The images you see above show a working Megatron (Transformers) replica tank. Continue reading to see more.

Megatron Tank Replica

Why build custom action figures, when you have the knowledge and skills to create an actual Megatron tank replica from Transformers? It reportedly stands 8-feet tall and weighs in at a hefty 5-tons. It’s allegedly constructed entirely out of scrap metal by a designer known as “Steel Legend” — a honorific that we imagine few will dare question now.

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Panzer II Replica

Weighing 10-tons and measuring 20.4-feet long, this 1:1 scale Russian tank replica by Hao JinXi of China features “long guns, heavy machine guns, ammunition and the cockpit.” It took him and a few friends 7-months as well as $125,000USD to complete. One thing you may not know about its creator is that “Mr Hao is the founder of a private manufacturing enterprises which specialized in the production of a tourist train.”


Tiger VI Replica

So, you’ve seen the homemade rubber band weapons and cool gadgets you can make at home, now check out this incredible Tiger VI tank replica. It was made by a group of Russians from scratch.

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