Pierre Calleja, a French biochemist, has invented an eco-friendly lamp that not only lights up streets and parking garages while cutting CO2 emissions, but runs completely free of electricity, powered solely glowing green algae. It basically uses the energy created by the algae’s own photosynthesis process to power the light within, while the algae itself lives on CO2 in the air outside. Continue reading for a video and more information.

According to Inhabitat, “The lamp is designed so it can store the energy from photosynthesis for later use. That way, when it’s transported into low-light areas, it can glow without the need for any external power source. A single lamp could absorb roughly a ton of carbon from the air in just one year – the same amount as 150 or 200 trees. If these lamps could go into mass production, they could go a long way toward fighting climate change and reducing air pollution.”