Microsoft HoloLens Real World

You’ve seen Minecraft meets HoloLens, now check out this amazing real-world application. Early reviewers have likened the HoloLens experience to seeing a realistic world through a small magic window in the center of your view. A newly released video showcases Microsoft’s partnership with Case Western Reserve University, and the transition from camera-filling holograms to a first-person view, showing how the effect vanishes outside a small central window. Continue reading to watch.

“Even this video only gives a partial impression of just how limited the effect is. That’s because the aspect ratio of the video window itself cuts off a large part of the peripheral vision you have when using HoloLens in real life. The unseen area above, below, and to the side of what the video shows is just unchanged reality when using HoloLens, making the tiny ‘magic window’ effect seem even more pronounced,” reports Ars Technica.

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