Canopy Stairs Tree

Think of Canopy Stair by Robert McIntyre and Thor ter Kulve as a modular spiral staircase system that can be strapped onto any tree trunk, without using special tools. Each plank is made from curved birch plywood, and are secured to the tree trunk using tension from the included ratchet straps. These durable straps keep the aluminum frame, treads and handrail safely attached to the trunk, letting you build out as high as needed. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Canopy Spiral Stairs

“The designers curved the shape of the steps to help them appear straight, even if they have to be installed at an uneven angle. “As one climbs the steps, the slight curve on the top surface of the tread acts to ‘cradle’ your foot. Its installation time will vary depending on how high you want the staircase to reach. According to Ter Kulve, scaling a 22-foot tree would require about three hours work with two people. However, taking it down could be done in just 30 minutes,” says My Modern Met.

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