Amazon Echo

Photo credit: Gizmodo

Amazon Echo is like a real physical form of Apple’s Siri. Think of this gadget as a a voice-controlled wireless speaker that’s waiting for someone to say “Alexa” before it awaits their command(s). At $199 ($99 for members of Amazon Prime), connects to your Wi-Fi at home, and can respond to a variety of questions, ranging from “how tall is Mt. Everest” to “how do you spell cantaloupe”. That’s not all, using the companion mobile app, Echo can also add something to your shopping list, or, you can then search for it on Amazon or the web and purchase it directly there. Product page. Continue reading for the official video and more information.

“Echo is equipped with seven microphones so it can hear you from any direction, and has noise cancellation so it can pick up your voice even when the speaker is playing music. The speaker is connected to Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud service. Echo gets answers to question from the company’s own database as well as Wikipedia, AccuWeather and other third parties, Pearsall said. Amazon says on its website that Echo gets to know you and your speech patterns, so the more you use it, the better it works,” reports Huffington Post.