Utter Inn

Utter Inn looks like a small floating home, but this structure by Mikael Genberg, located in Lake Malaren near the town of Vasteras in Sweden, actually offers underwater accommodation to the public. It’s entered through a traditional-looking Swedish house located on the surface of the water. Utter Inn features an above-surface kitchen, but at bedtime, guests climb down the hatch to their sleeping quarters which has an all-round view of life under the surface. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Otter Inn

Genburg says, “I don’t think there is an experience quite like sleeping underwater and many people have come to find out if they like it. It’s like a reverse aquarium – the fish like looking in at the guests and are fascinated by them. It’s as if you’re sat on your own island when you’re on board – it’s just an amazing experience.”