Jeff Bezos HaptX Robot
Photo credit: Eureka Magazine
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demonstrated HaptX’s robot gloves at the re:MARS conference last week. Simply put as possible, this haptic telerobot can be used to manipulate a pair of robotic arms and finely control objects, like a Rubik’s Cube. In this demonstration, he can be seen moving a ball back and forth between hands as well as placing plastic rings around a rung. HaptX plans to integrate this technology into virtual reality applications, such as training software in medicine, aerospace, and first response to life. Read more for two videos and additional information.

“Bezos told a crowd at the event that he expects there to be commercial robots in the next 10 years that can grasp items as reliably as humans, a development that could potentially automate warehouse work around the world. The remark underscored how companies and university researchers are rapidly developing technology to perform human tasks, whether for senior care at home or for picking and stowing of goods in the company’s fulfillment centers,” reports The Daily Mail.

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