Face of God Mars

H/T: Mail Online

Paranomal researchers claim that the Assyrians developed space travel and left a statue of their god on Mars. NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover reportedly captured an image of this statue, which resembles Nabu, the god of wisdom to the Neo-Assyrians, at a site called, ‘Concepcion Crater’. “Found these faces on Mars side by side. One is looking towards us and the other is looking to the left. The face looking at us has a lot of similarities to the ancient Mesopotamia faces,” said Scott Waring. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

“The organization blames these type of sightings on a trick of the mind, known pareidolia – the psychological response to seeing familiar objects in random places. Last month, another, more well-known, religious figure was seen hanging out on the Red Planet. UFO hunters say they saw a huge Buddha statue in the mountains on Mars. They are using the ‘discovery’ to suggest that intelligent life once existed on the planet, and may have even have had a religion,” reports Mail Online.

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