Dragon Skin is basically a type of ballistic vest made by Pinnacle Armor. It’s known for its two-inch-wide circular discs that overlap like scales. This design creates a flexible vest that allows a good range of motion and can allegedly absorb a high number of hits compared with other military body armor. Continue reading for a video and more information.

The armor is available in three basic protection levels: SOV-2000, which has previously had certification to Level III protection; SOV-3000, which is rated as Level IV by the manufacturer, but has not officially certified as such; and a rating-unspecified “Level V” variant not available to the general public. Dragon Skin has been worn by some civilian contractors in Iraq, some special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, some SWAT teams, nine generals in Afghanistan, bodyguards tasked with protecting generals, and U.S. Secret Service personnel. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has also purchased Dragon Skin.