PlyFly Wooden Go-Kart

Here’s another look at PlyFly, a flat-pack, wooden go-kart you can build yourself in just a few hours. Priced from $745, these Flat.Pack go-karts comes in two different models (2.5HP and 4HP engines) and include all the parts necessary to build a vehicle capable of hitting 25mph. That’s not all, they’ve added an option for a solid rear axle to the 4HP karts. Continue reading for three videos and more information.

“The kit arrives in 3 boxes. Box 1 is a flat box with the wooden structural parts. Box 2 is the hardware and 3 is the engine. 1.2.3. That’s it. Follow the easy to read instructions and you will be rolling along in no time. With our highly accurate CNC manufacturing and tab-and-slot design, assembly is a breeze and the end product is shockingly strong and light,” according to flat.pack.

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