Dark as Night Batman Motorcycle Helmet

You’ve probably seen or at least heard of the HD100, formerly known as “Dark as Night”, Batman motorcycle helmet from Helmet Dawg, but now customers are posting videos of themselves wearing this geeky creation. Just to recap, it starts out as a DOT-approved GMax GM48S Platinum Series full face motorcycle helmet, and is meticulously transformed into what you see above. The original customization process hit some snags when it came to the ears and browline accents, but after lots of hard work, a Dark Knight-worthy helmet was the result. Continue reading for a video and more information.

“Integrated hand crafted and tooled details made from a breakthrough proprietary elastomer (polymer) formulaOriginal concept and design made from high quality materials (NOT toy parts attached to a helmet). The custom features that accentuate and distinguish this product are crafted by hand, not machine. Current turn-around time is approximately 3-4 weeks,” according to the company.