Lazareth Wazuma R1

Lazareth is known for their crazy bikes, and the Wazuma R1 is no exception. Based on the atypical geometry of the wheel layout as “W” – the two front wheels are spaced and one rear wheel is detached, placed in the o axis – it provides amazing driving sensations through a specific chassis guaranteeing stability, and an incredibly efficient radial brake to contain the muscular acceleration. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The Wazuma R1 features a fully custom built frame and a custom-made carbon/fiberglass body built around the core of a Yamaha R1, using its engine, drivetrain, and subframe. While street-legal version for France put out only 100HP (owing to France’s odd law limiting all motorcycles to a 100HP limit) export versions crank out up to 180HP. The Wazumas are reportedly pretty popular with oil millionaires in the Middle East,” reports Bike Bandit.

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