Predator Berserker Helmet

It’s been many years since NLO Moto unveiled the first Predator motorcycle helmet, now they have unveiled an upgraded 4.8-pound model, complete with 17″ durable dreadlocks made from foam rubber, a Bluetooth ready headset setup w/action camera compatibility, a new visor that can be opened with one hand (slides into the helmet body), and double casing with an additional shock-absorbing layer. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“The original Predator helmet was designed and manufactured by NLO-MOTO. Predator Berserker offers maximum safety, since it�s based on a fully-functional motorcycle helmet HJC TR-1. Basis helmet was tested on the factory and meet DOT/ECE22.05R safety certification. Just imagine riding in a Predator Berserker helmet: the road police stop you for taking a picture with you instead of checking your documents, other riders are dead envious, and girls come up to you to ask for your phone number,” said the company.

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