Everybody Dance Now AI Deepfakes

Researchers from UC Berkley have created a new AI-based system, called “Everybody Dance Now,” that turns just about anyone into a professional dancer. How does it work? Well, first a video of the target is recorded, then a sub-program turns their movements into a wire frame, in which a source video is found and a stick figure made of their movements, and last, but not least, a neural network synthesizes a video of the target individual based on the stick figure movements of the source. Continue reading for another video (deepfakes AI Nicolas Cage compilation) and more information.

“It sounds simple like this of course, but there’s lots of clever engineering at work here. For example, there’s a subroutine that smooths the movement of the stick figures so the dancers don’t jerk about too much, and a completely separate neural network dedicated to re-tracing the target’s face to ensure realism,” reports The Verge.


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