iPad Pro Bent

Apple says new 2018 iPad Pro owners may notice a slight bend in the aluminum chassis straight from the box and it’s not a defect, but rather a byproduct of the manufacturing process, caused by cooling the tablet’s metal and plastic components. Unfortunately, since it’s not a defect, Apple Stores may not replace these bent units under warranty or even with AppleCare+. However, the company does have a return policy on brand-new items that lets you return them within 14 days without any specific reason. Read more for additional information and another picture.

Since these new iPad Pros range in price from $799 to $1,899, it’s no surprise that many are experiencing their displeasure on social media and internet forums. “I would probably be considered an ‘Apple cult member’ by many people, but releasing a product with a manufacturing flaw and then throwing your hands up and saying it’s unavoidable is a chickens–t move,” said one Reddit user.

iPad Pro Bent New

“If you’ve got an older unit from launch, you might be out of luck. If you think it was bent out of the box, calmly and politely talk to Apple about it, get a case number, and keep watching AppleInsider for more information on it going forward. Remember, you aren’t talking to factory workers or engineers, and they had nothing to do with the current situation —so screaming at them isn’t going to help you, or make them want to solve your problem,” reports Apple Insider.