The Apple iWatch is coming sooner than later, and the evidence became even more clear since the company filed a trademark in Japan on June 3 for the name “iWatch.” What will it look like? Nobody knows, but like most other Apple products, designs / concepts and parts usually leak before the actual device. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Such a filing makes it hard for the company to deny a watch-like device is now in development. They could argue this is just a defensive application in order to protect the name iWatch from use by another company, but it seems much more likely Apple wants to own our wrists and place another iDevice on them that works in conjunction with an iPhone or iPod device.

If it turns out Apple is set to release an iWatch, others are sure to follow. Samsung is already heading in that direction, we have the Pebble smartwatch, and no doubt Android-based watches are being experimented with at Google.