Apple Watch Aetna
CVS Health Corp’s health insurer Aetna has partnered with Apple Inc. on a new health app for Apple Watches that uses an individual’s medical history to set personalized health goals. It’s called “Attain” and will reward Aetna customers for meeting activity goals and fulfilling recommended tasks, such as getting vaccinations or refilling medications, with either a subsidy toward the cost of an Apple Watch or gift cards. read more for a video news report and additional information.

Other insurance companies have offered such subsidies for using wearable devices to meet generic activity goals such as a number of steps in the past, but Attain uses this personal health data to provide customized goals and recommendations. To ensure that all of your health history data is safe, Apple and Aetna had to enter into what is known as a business associate agreement in order for Aetna to share it with the Apple.

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