Special Staircase Dogs Home

What happens when you take a normal staircase, add special railing, smaller steps, and a shallower incline? A staircase that’s perfect for a dog’s shorter legs. 07Beach, an architectural firm based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, was asked to renovate a home for a dog-owning client, and this was the result. “I designed this so that your house could represent your affection for your wife and your two dogs, with the idea that this house will be like a gift to your family,” said Joe Chikamori, the principal architect at 07Beach. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Home with Dog Staircase

“Located next to the regular stairwell, the pooch-friendly staircase has smaller steps and even a doggy balustrade. The short riser height and shallow incline translates to a much longer stairway, which winds around the living room wall like a work of art. The minimalist stair is painted all white to match the existing stairway and the interior’s minimalist aesthetic – we hope the client’s dogs don’t have muddy paws,” according to Inhabitat.