If you love listening to music and enjoy the outdoors, or just have an active lifestyle, the Arriva LEO is the perfect companion. This rugged, wireless Bluetooth headset is not only sweat and water resistant, but can also be worn with helmets, sunglasses, glasses, hats, visors and headbands. Product page. Continue reading for our full review.


Whether it be a hike, bike ride, or just a workout session at the gym, Arriva’s LEO was the perfect companion. Inside the box, you’ll receive a USB cable with charger, carrying case, additional ear plugs / covers, and the headset itself. Setting it up was a breeze as this device pairs with just about any Bluetooth-equipped music player — smartphones, computers, MP3 players, etc. — and boasts easy-to-use controls for skipping forward / back, volume as well as pausing. That’s not all, it worked brilliantly with Siri when paired with our iPhone 4S — built-in earpiece microphone. From the moment we started playing music, the crisp highs, deep bass, and booming mid-range were a very big plus. When fully charged (1.5-hours of charging time), we got nearly 6-hours of continuous usage, which blows its competitors away by far.

Bottom Line

Even if you’re not a person with an active lifestyle, the Arriva LEO is just a great wireless Bluetooth headset that we highly recommend. It’s rugged, has great sound quality, and priced very reasonably at just $69.95 (on sale, normally $89.95).