Metal Wire Sculptures

Metal wire may not be synonymous with sculptures, but in the hands of Richard Stainthorp, an artist based in Richmond in the U.K., they become human-like dancers or woodland spirits captured in mid-stride. He believes that wires are the perfect medium for imitating the muscles and curves that we associate with the human body. The wires aren’t painted to keep them shiny and free from any obvious painting or additions. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Metal Wire Sculpture

“Stainthorp has created these alluring artworks for almost 20 years. They don’t have any facial features, but through their body language, we understand their emotions. Some look as though they’re falling and communicate a feeling of freedom or infinite possibility. Another sculpture has a breathtaking set of wire ‘wings’ that appear as its shield. To think that Stainthorp articulates all of this through something as ubiquitous as wire is incredible,” reports My Modern Met.

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