Cafflano Coffee Mug Maker

Coffee lovers rejoice! Now you can make a brew on the go with freshly ground beans with Cafflano, the world’s first coffee cup with its own grinder. This all-in-one portable coffee maker looks like a travel mug, but unscrew the lid, and you’ll see a ceramic burr grinder and a drip filter. To make coffee, the user can grind the beans to their desired coarseness with the foldaway hand grinder, tip the coffee grounds into the drip filter and then pour hot water over the grounds – fresh coffee then drips into the mug below, which can hold 255ml of liquid. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Beanscorp representative Justin Ahn says: “Cafflano Klassic is a brand new concept of coffee maker – it is so simple and innovative, but it has never been introduced in the world. [CEO] Hansang Yoon, was just an ordinary businessman who loved coffee, enjoying three or four cups a day. Although he was a coffee lover, he didn’t want to spend too much on an espresso machine or a capsule coffee machine which were were too expensive and not convenient.”