Planet 3 Suns

Though it may be nothing like Tatooine, this newly discovered planet, called “HD 131399Ab”, has 3 suns, and is located 340 light-years from Earth. What does this mean? You would experience constant daylight, complete with triple sunrises and sunsets daily, depending on the season. A few caveats: it has a surface temperature of 1,070°F, and weighs approximately four Jupiter masses. “For about half of the planet’s orbit, which lasts 550 Earth-years, three stars are visible in the sky, the fainter two always much closer together, and changing in apparent separation from the brightest star throughout the year,” said Kevin Wagner, a first-year PhD student. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“For much of the planet’s year the stars appear close together, giving it a familiar night-side and day-side with a unique triple-sunset and sunrise each day. As the planet orbits and the stars grow further apart each day, they reach a point where the setting of one coincides with the rising of the other – at which point the planet is in near-constant daytime for about one-quarter of its orbit, or roughly 140 Earth-years,” adds Wagner.

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