ASUS Rog Avalon

We have seen the future of DIY gaming PCs, and it’s the ASUS Rog Avalon. This modular computer boasts separate boards for the SSD, graphics, and even power supply, enabling users to easily swap components in plug-and-play fashion. Each component can be accessed through the front of the case, complete with the Z710 chipset-based motherboard and its modular rear I/O for maximum customization. “The current chassis puts the graphics card in a separate compartment with access to ample airflow through vents in the side panel. The GPU is easily the hottest component in modern gaming machines, so we paid particular attention to keeping it cool. We also made it easy to access the card without disturbing the rest of the system, a nod to the fact that gamers update their graphics cards more frequently than other hardware,” according to ASUS. Click here to view more images of the Rog Avalon. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“To simplify CPU installation, the motherboard comes with its own backplate attached. Although not pictured in the board shots we have, this integrated piece has threaded holes that let you screw heatsinks and liquid coolers directly into the board. The idea isn’t a new one – plenty of aftermarket coolers and even Intel’s LGA 2011 socket employ a similar approach – but we think it should be more widely used. With the right spacers and screws, our backplate can even work with some existing coolers,” said ASUS.


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