Located in Tehran, the Sharifi House – designed by Iranian architects at nextoffice – boasts a series of mobile rooms that can be rotated to provide extra space and get optimal amounts of sunlight at the push of a button. Think of this structure as containing a fixed main volume with mobile parts that adapt to the functional needs of its users – rooms of the first and third floors can be reconfigured for different purposes and seasons. Continue reading for additional images and information.

According to Inhabitat, “The mobile rooms protrude to an extent, depending on the space requirements and weather. Referencing the traditional Iranian house, the Sharifi House implements the principle of dynamic seasonal modes of habitation-it offers modern versions of the winter and summer living rooms (Zemestan-Neshin and Taabestan-Neshin). In summertime, the house features an open and more transparent volume with large terraces, while it closes down and boasts minimal openings in the winter. The ground floor houses parking and housekeeping rooms, while the two basement floors host the fitness facilities and wellness areas.”



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