When is a home not just a place where you eat, rest, etc.? When it’s made from an old airplane hanger. Archinet says that the “structure maintains its corrugated metal walls and cavernous space, allowing room for a restored 1930s golden yellow and red Piper Cub to sit naturally next to a late model, bright red Porsche. The theme is set as past and present come together inside as a mixture of industrial colors and metallic textures blend with soft furnishings and a pop of red throughout.” Continue reading to see more awesome homes made from things you’d never expect.

10. Modified RV Trailer

9. 1965 Boeing 727

8. 1920s Transport Ship

7. Grain Silos

6. Fire Tower

5. School Bus

4. Train Cars

3. Horse Trailer

2. Firetruck

1. Shopping Cart