AT&T announced today that it will be replacing the $30 unlimited data iPhone add-on with a $15 200MB DataPlus and a $25 2GB DataPro plan for all new customers signing up after June 7th. For those interested in tethering, you’ll need the DataPro plan and pay an additional $20/month ($45 total). Customers currently on the unlimited data plan will be given the option to grandfather their plan should they upgrade to a new iPhone. The $30 unlimited data iPad plan will be replaced with a $25 2GB plan as well.

The carrier’s going to be very flexible about changing between the DataPlus and DataPro plans — if you’re on DataPlus, for example, and you discover that you’re blowing past your allotment, you can choose either to start DataPro the following billing cycle, pro-rate it, or apply the higher plan retroactively to the beginning of your current billing cycle.

[via Engadget]


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