Pagani Zonda Replica

Auto enthusiast Nick Truman has always wanted a Pagani Zonda, but couldn’t quite afford the real thing, so he decided to settle for the next best thing: a custom-built replica. No kits were used during the build process, just a Ford Granada chassis he purchased for £100, twin-turbocharged Audi V8 engine, and then eBay-sourced wheels, tires, gearboxes, windscreens, and other miscellaneous parts. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

Nick says: “It was a fun project to do with my children although my wife wasn’t overly impressed. In the first year the project became obsessive. I would do audio calls with the angle grinder in one and the phone in the other. A lot of blood and sweat went into it, literally. On one day I lost the tip of my index finger in the turbo and it came out of the exhaust. My wife likes the color and I think she is proud of what has been achieved.People who drive past and always slam their brakes on and look at it. If you have never seen a Zonda before, you might not know it wasn’t one at first look. The body isn’t perfect but it makes people smile and my children love it.”

[Daily Mail