Mach 5 Replica

Auto enthusiast Jerry Patrick, who owns a tuning shop, has been transforming cars into classic cartoon and movie vehicles for over a decade. He’s been obsessed with the Mach 5 since the 60s, and decided to do something about it. “Back in 1967-ish when the cartoon came out, I was really enthralled as kid to watch it. And I thought, ‘One day I’m going to be driving a Mach 5’. For the Mach 5 logo we had to take a few creative liberties with it, obviously you’re going from a cartoon to a real car, so we made it pop as good as we could. It’s still as cartoon accurate as it can be, so at the end of the day we got it as close as we could and I think it turned out awesome,” said Patrick. To build his own replica, a pristine 94 Chevrolet Corvette was torn apart, before a new fiber glass body was placed over it. Continue reading to see a video of the real deal. Click here for a few bonus images of a Pontiac Fiero turned Lamborghini Reventon replica of sorts.

Actual race cars that closely resemble the Mach Five are the 1966 Japanese Grand Prix-winning Prince R380(1965)/Nissan R380-II(1966-68), the Le Mans-winners Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (designed by Scaglietti around 1958 through 1961), the Aston Martin DBR1 (Le Mans winner in 1959), the Ford GT40 (which was a very popular and successful racecar, mainly in Le Mans and other Touring series, in the 1960s), and the Chaparral 2C. The car is designed to compete in a type of “open formula” racing, where cars are usually built with the maximum power and minimum of weight.

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