No, this isn’t another novelty item. Thankfully, it’s a real watch that uses plasma to tell time. That’s right, “two tiny electrodes would rotate slowly around the perimeter of the watch and then when you touch your finger to the center of the watch face, sparks would shoot between your fingertip and the two electrodes and through a bubble of Argon gas to display the time.” Click here for more pictures. Continue reading to watch a five interesting plasma ball videos, which include a trick, microwave, and more.

There is a button to set the time and another to enable or disable the plasma system. The watch is also USB rechargeable.

[via TechnabobTokyoFlash]

1. Plasma Ball Trick

2. Large Plasma Ball

3. Microwaving Plasma Ball

4. USB Plasma Ball

5. Tesla Coil Plasma


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