While traditional alarm clocks provide more than enough noise to wake you, the aXbo S.P.A.C. (Sleep Phase Alarm Clock) does it in style. Its innovative Sleep Phase technology basically determines whether you’re in a light, deep, or dream state of sleep and uses body movements (motion sensors) to determine the optimal waking time. Continue reading to see more.

Inside the Box

Inside the stylish cubed box, you’ll find the aXbo unit, two sensor units, two wristbands, power adapter w/various power plugs, and a USB cable. Plus, you also get plenty of instruction manuals.


Not only is the aXbo one of the most innovative alarm clocks I’ve come across, its design is a work of art. Featuring a backlit LCD and wristband motion sensors (powered by the two sensor units) — good for waking two separate people up. Most functions are controlled with a scroll wheel on the top right of the unit. The Chill and Powernap modes offer a relaxing and efficient way of napping, thanks to its auto-off function. On another note, expect to charge the unit once every two weeks.

Here’s how it works: you set the wake up time and the clock will wake you any time within 30-minutes of that target if it detects that you’re in a light sleep state.

Hands-On Video


After trying the aXbo for a week, I can honestly say that I’ll be picking one of these up myself, as you really do wake up feeling much more refreshed — from a light sleep state that is. For those interested in this product and want more information, please click here.


We’ll be giving the aXbo S.P.A.C you see above away next week, so stay tuned for instructions on how to participate in this giveaway.