Axiom Space Private ISS Crew
Axiom Space announced today its crew for the first flight of a private crew to a Low Earth Orbit destination, the International Space Station (ISS). Called Axiom Mission 1 (Ax-1), the crew consists of former NASA astronaut / Axiom vice president Michael López-Alegría as commander, American entrepreneur Larry Connor as pilot, Canadian investor Mark Pathy, and impact investo Eytan Stibbe of Israel. These individuals will live aboard the U.S. segment of the ISS for approximately eight days, participating in research and philanthropic projects. Read more for the news segment and additional information.

The crew will be transported in a SpaceX Crew Dragon and is the first of Axiom Space’s “precursor” private astronaut missions to the ISS, pending to approval from NASA and its international partners. Axiom Space and NASA are collaborating on the final approvals of a formal Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) to enable private astronaut missions, with further discussions underway to agree on and authorize the Ax-1 mission profile.

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This collection of pioneers – the first space crew of its kind – represents a defining moment in humanity’s eternal pursuit of exploration and progress. I know from firsthand experience that what humans encounter in space is profound and propels them to make more meaningful contributions on returning to Earth. And as much as any astronaut who has come before them, the members of this crew have accomplished the sorts of things in life that equip them to accept that responsibility, act on that revelation, and make a truly global impact,” said López-Alegría, who flew to space four times over a 20-year, record-setting career at NASA.