Baby and Sloth

Five-month-old Alia has an unusual best friend, Daisy the sloth. They met when Alia was just two days old, Daisy, three months old, and the duo have been inseparable ever since. Alia’s parents, Julia and Jason Heckathorn, say that both of them love to play and take naps together. This family also have a kangaroo called Boomeroo, an anteater called Noche, sugar gliders and a cat called Larry. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Baby Sloth

Her mother says, “When Alia and Daisy sit next to each other, Daisy sniffs Alia while Alia nuzzles into Daisy�s soft fur. They are so sweet together. The sloth and baby have been growing up together, taking walks together, and working alongside mommy as I write my books and travel to schools.”