BAE Black Knight Tank

Photo credit: The Daily Mail

BAE Systems has unveiled an upgraded Challenger 2 tank, called “Black Knight,” that now includes an ‘active protection system’ which allows it to detect incoming anti-tank missiles or armor penetrating rounds. This system can also automatically launch a counter-explosive to neutralize the threat. Other features include: front / rear infrared cameras and two independent night vision systems to enable a gunner to focus on one target while a commander identifies others simultaneously. Continue reading for another video and more information.

“Its gun turret features what the company calls ‘regenerative braking’, which generates power when the gun slows down into position. The vehicle also uses less energy-hungry kit to make the whole tank more energy efficient. The new equipment controlling tank’s weaponry is also said to be faster, meaning the crew can identify an enemy, target and engage more quickly,” reports The Daily Mail.

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