Aside from having an awesome name, the Ballistic HC case for the iPhone 4 is definitely no slouch. When nothing but the most rugged will do, this case is your answer. Product page. Continue reading for our full review. Click here for more pictures.


Why bother getting an iPhone 4 screen protector and case, when you could just pick up the Ballistic HC? Featuring a built-in screen protector, four separate layers of protection (optional outer layer protection), and a 180-degree rotating belt. Upon removing this case from its packaging, we noticed that the build quality was superb — especially how sturdy it felt in the hand.

Installing the case was a breeze: simply remove from belt holster, slide-off outer layer protection, snap open the top / bottom halves of main case, and put in iPhone. The built-in screen protector felt just like the original, as in there was no extra drag. Over the course of one week, this handset has seen plenty of tumbles and was even smashed against a rock during an interesting hike. Even through all the abuse, there wasn’t any visible damage on both the case — aside from a few nicks and scratches on the outer layer protection as well as holster — and handset.

Bottom Line

For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, especially those who take part in extreme sports, or just the casual iPhone 4 owner who wants extra protection, look no further than the Ballistic HC. Sure, it may be slightly bulky, but we’d take peace of mind over a slim form factor any day. More information.

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